Hannah’s Place opens in Tytherington Business Village

10th November, 2023

Hannah’s Place opens in Tytherington Business Village

Hannah’s Place, Tytherington Business Village’s new coffee shop has recently opened and is a favourite among the local community including residents and employees from the business park.

Hannah’s Place offers a diverse menu featuring a range of hot drinks, delectable cakes, and a selection of hot and cold food. Whether you’re in the mood for a steaming cup of coffee, a sweet treat, or a satisfying meal, the café has something for all. The emphasis on quality and variety ensures that everyone can find the perfect indulgence to suit their cravings.

Run with passion and dedication by Lesley and Danielle, the café reflects their commitment to creating a welcoming space for the community. The sisters have successfully crafted an environment that resonates with the values of Tytherington, where the sense of community is cherished.

The positive reception from both residents and business park employees underscores the significance of Hannah’s Place in Tytherington. Beyond being a mere coffee shop, it has evolved into a communal hub where people gather to connect, unwind, and share moments of joy. The warm and friendly feel of Hannah’s Place makes it clear that this café is not just a business; it’s a vital thread in the fabric of Tytherington’s social tapestry.  The fact that dogs are also welcomed has meant that the cafe has become popular with dog walkers to enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick bite with their furry companions by their side. This inclusive approach has not only endeared the café to pet owners but has also created a unique and friendly ambiance that sets it apart from other local establishments.

You can visit their website here